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Ethoslinx is a custom software platform developed in-house at Ethos Health for the collection and reporting on medical data for the corporate health industry. 

Key features: 

  • Users can quickly and easily create multi-page data collections forms with a wide range of questions types.
  • Users can define complex rules to control the display of pages and specific questions based on previous answers.
  • Users can create rich format reports using the HTML templating engine and JavaScript.
  • Reports can include group calculated and group repeating elements for including complex objects.
  • Users can create email templates for automatically sending invitations and reports to customers. 
  • All forms are designed as mobile first and responsive.
  • Data access is password and 2fa controlled with fine grained settings per user.
  • The system is designed to be scalable to cover large numbers of respondents.
  • All data is stored in dedicated servers in Australian based data centres.
  • The system can support multiple domains and subdomains with completely customisable logos and colours. 


Core Strengths 

The ability of Ethos staff to take an idea of data that needs collecting to a working form in a matter of hours with minimal IT support. 

The ability to produce reports based on live data. 


Filtered Survey

A Filtered Survey is a sharable reference to a survey that allows content customisation and a series of end of survey events to be performed. 

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Survey sections are made up of questions. 

Questions can contain a list of subquestions.

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Reports layout the answers entered in a survey into a html document.

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A requirement is a rule that can get applied to the values in the survey. A requirement will always be evaluated to a true or false. 

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Smart Variables

Smart variables perform numerical calculations on data entered by a specific respondent in a survey. They are designed to use fairly natural language to specify the calculations. The calculation is made by applying numerical operators and functions to Elements.

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The heart of Ethoslinx is a survey. 

A survey is made up of sections. The sections are made up of questions, and the questions can contain subquestions.

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